Friday, September 2, 2016

Embroidery Festival

The Mostra di Ricamo is held in Valtopina every year on the first weekend in September.

Detail from Maria Grazia Giacomini
work exhibited at the museum
(it is a reflection)
area Trieste
 There are many booths where one can view the skilled workmanship of some very ancient embroidery and lace making techniques.

The mayor and the organizers welcoming
everyone to the opening.
Work above/below by Ilana Efrati

We also saw some innovative things.

Gorgeous work from Ilaria Margutti

There was some patchwork as well.

The town was lined with wrapped trees. Gorgeous!

We walked over to the small but impressive Textile Museum to see the "Il Filo Infinito, la Pace" (Infinite Thread of Peace) exhibit curated by Elvira Guglielmi.

There were 2 other exhibits to see on the walk back to the main area.

We stayed on the grounds for lunch and were ready for our 3 pm class with art therapist, Tiziana Luciani. She is an author and works in Assisi and Milano as well as collaborates with a university in Venice.

She taught an exhilarating workshop where we used the idea of a ball of yarn to express all the big moments in our lives.

We had a full day once again.

"In My Hands"
my piece from the workshop.

Today is our last day, actually!  I can't believe we are leaving tomorrow morning!

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Carolyn's book is full!
She wrote some beautiful things!
People are packing as I write this. Outside there is some far away folk music.


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