Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Verona Walls

Art critic, novelist, painter and poet, John Berger, says "The process of seeing is less spontaneous and natural then we tend to believe. A large part of seeing depends upon habit and convention."
(quote taken from his BBC series Ways of Seeing.)

Start seeing as you walk along that same street. The street you walk along every day.

I see this wall every day as I walk in Verona, Italy, and I love it. I love the colours. I love the curve in the road where the wall is. I love the view of the Adige River near that wall.

I have enjoyed transferring my photographs onto different types of fabric in the past.

I plan to transfer these onto silk and use them as a background for an art piece.

(see art work from contemporary artist Franco Guerzoni, born Modena 1948- )

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