Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hand Embroidery

In the late 1960's households in Italy started purchasing washing machines.

With that, they also needed to buy laundry soap. That became a competitive market.

Some companies put "prizes" in their boxes to encourage shoppers to select their product.

The oval shaped boxes were made of cardboard. A company put hand-embroidered linen towels in their boxes. My friend's mom collected all 4 designs.

The difference was in the border colours; some were yellow, some blue, some pink, some light green. The flowers were exactly the same.

The  embroidery is hand done. The appliqué is super tiny and looks hand done but I think it maybe machine appliqué. Made in China.

The other embroidery sample I have for you is this one.

It was made about 100 years ago by a friend's friend.

It was originally the front of a parasol cover and had a kind of felted back but by the time my friend got it the back was ruined so she recycled it into a bag.

All hand done.

The underside was gorgeous and so neat! (forgot to take a picture)

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