Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Umbria Day 3

Monday, we spent the day with artist Virginia Ryan.

We started at the museum Museo Pinoteca di Trevi where she gave us a private tour of her work begin exhibited there.

We walked to her studio where we were awed by her extensive collection of work!

I had programmed that specifically because her work is very much influenced by textile.

We drove over to her home for lunch.

Her garden and house itself is full of sculptures and interesting art pieces everywhere, collected by her from her travels and also art work from other artists.  There are gorgeous views of the valley.

In the evening we had a Show and Tell by Orsola, a local woman, of hand made items that are typical Umbrian.She showed us work from the mid- eighteen hundreds to the 1950's and a few from about 20 years ago.

Another great day, I'd say!

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