Monday, August 29, 2016

Umbria Day 2

Today was all about olive oil.

Umbria is known for its production of olive oil.

The town of Trevi
We stopped at the market and some bought some rusted keys. They are really into 'rusting' fabrics after hanging out with Al Coté during my Verona trip last year!

After a slow morning we walked to a very small town, Bovara...

....while we sketched and enjoyed the valleys covered in olive trees giving the landscape a beautiful soft green colouring.

We stopped to view the oldest olive tree in all of Umbria. We sketch its negative space .

Photo of part of the tree

From there, we walked over to a friend's agriturismo for a lesson on olive oil making.

She still has all the original equipment used by the Benedictine monks from the 1500's.

What a perfect garden she has for us to relax in after our 3 km walk. Her mom prepared a snack for us.

Dinner in Trevi was super! Such a lovely atmosphere.

(Again the internet isn't repaired. I am at a coffee shop and can not upload more pictures because my camera cord is back at the house. Please keep checking back for more pictures)

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