Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More pictures from the ETQG

A member sent me a few pictures from the talk I gave at the East Toronto Quilter's Guild.

The topic was Beyond the Hobby Quilter and focused on marketing your work.

I showed some quilts related to the points I was making.

Scrap quilt-the only kind I ever make.
These kinds of bar quilts traditionally have an odd number of bars
 (not counting the background bars)
but this one has an even number.
I talked about the way I work. I don't sketch. I make postcards.
Member, Del, liked these cards.
People were interested in my contemporary work.
I showed a piece that is in progress.
It is hand dyed with natural dyes
(pomegranate and turmeric)
and stamped (paint). It will be part
of my "map" series.

And here is Bill holding up a piece I made at the Toronto School of Art.

What is with that piece?? It always gets photographed wrong! LOL
Here we see it upside down.
Click here to see it sideways!

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