Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Laurentian Hills

Meredith Filshie, artist and business woman, dropped by on her way back home to Ottawa with the work, Laurentian Hills.

Laurentian Hills, detail,
upper panel by Meredith Filshie
bottom panel by Robin Field

It is a piece that I am including in the France show, Tradition in Transition.

What I liked about it was the fact that 20 women worked on it together. Each created a quadrant in textile of the painting entitled Saint Sauveur by Anne Savage, a contemporary of the Group of Seven.

Laurentian Hills, detail,
panel by Deborah Bates
It is all stitched!
-something I missed when I saw the photograph

Having the piece there in front of me was so much better than seeing the picture! There is such detail in every panel.

Cynthia McNair's 12 inch square panel

Bethany Garner's 12 inch square panel

Mary Cope's 12 inch square panel

All twenty panels fit together harmoniously yet each is an individual work of art and reflects the artist's style.

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