Friday, March 23, 2012


I saw some wonderful textiles from Diane Shink's collection. I was at her home in Montreal last month and we spent about 3 hours just looking through her stuff. Honestly, I could have stayed longer.

She had boxes of pin cushions and tins of buttons.

She had antique quilt blocks everywhere.

A star in a circle is something you don't find often.

Lovely Art Deco fabric.

Victorian morning fabric (grey ones) and blue-striped denim in the centre.

More Art Deco fabric
She had a cedar box full of wool quilts. (The bar quilt came from there)

She has a collection of almost 900 aprons! Plus a book about them.

This apron came from Germany.
 I particularly loved the mending on this one.

Everything in her collection had a story. I learned so much from her! A la prochaine, Diane.

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