Thursday, March 29, 2012

Being Inspired

Today, I was at Branksome Hall again talking about my career and showing the girls from grade 10 my work.

Some older art students poked their heads in to see my textile work hanging in the class.

The grade 12 students are preparing their own show and I saw many of their pieces being photographed for documentation. I was inspired by their work!

"The Keys of Truth" by a grade 12 IB art student.
"This piece sets out to demonstrate how our generation
does not spend time informing ourselves on world issues
but instead focus on gossip in magazines or on line articles."
burnt newspaper, plastic computer keys, wire

work in progress by a grade 12 IB art student.
 embroidery on paper
I spoke of textile artists that inspire me and the teacher wrote their names on the board for the students to research.

The two art teachers thanked me for inspiring their students. Many have already started to think about their next project and have decided to use some of the techniques we talked about and practiced together.

Working with textile is something that brings me such joy and I was glad to share that passion with the students and spark something in them!

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