Sunday, July 10, 2011

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

This weekend Toronto held its 50th outdoor art event.

booths at Nathan Phillips Square

booths with the view of old city hall 

Amanda McCavour 's booth was my favorite.

Amanda and her installation

It was so fun standing under it and looking up!

Alice Vander Vennen is a textile artist that has exhibited at this show several times.

Alice in front of her work. She arrived at
 textile art through sculpture.

Dave Hind described his work to me as "quilts made of metal".

detail of the above work

Even the visitors were artists!

Dolores and her beautiful dress
 Dolores used the crocheted doilies her mom made
and appliqued them on a white dress.

It is good to see other artists' work. 

Where was I?  Didn't apply...too many trips to Italy!

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