Thursday, July 7, 2011

quilt designs

Quilt: from the latin "culcita" meaning matress.

A quilt is a textile item consisting of three layers, a top-usually decorative, a middle- a padding of some kind, and a back or lining.

The three layers are held together with stitching or "quilting" which has the twofold task of uniting the layers and creating a decorative texture at the same time. (loosely quoted from the Italia Invita catalogue, 2011, in which, I might add, they have a nice little bit about me and my work, including photo of my work!)

catalogue page

I am always on the look out for some new, quilting-design inspirations.

bottom of a cappucino cup

metal door, Concordia Sagitarius, Italy


facade across the street from Casa Mila, Barcelona, Spain
facade, Verona, Italy

booklet showing plans for a floor heating system

points of a cactus

cement covered in flowers

T-shirt design

design in cement wall, verona

design in cement wall, verona

design on moroccan cup

window wrought iron

stone wall, verona

my quilting hands

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  1. Images do give one great ideas for quilting. Thanks!!