Sunday, July 31, 2011

Edward Burtynsky's work was at the ROM

I have seen his photographs in galleries in several cities. He is my absolute favorite photographer- a Canadian who has achieved international recognition for his large format photographs of industrial landscapes. I think his works are beautiful and often his subjects are disturbing- our world and its pollution. Below is the photograph of his work I took at the museum.

Oil Spill #2, Discoverer Enterprise
Gulf of Mexico,
May 11, 2010,
Chromogenic print
To see his work for sale, click here.
The image reminds me of Yoko Okuyama's scarf.

Yoko's painting digitally transfered onto silk.

The silk scarf is signed
The fabric under it is from Bhutan.

I'm glad MY ocean off the coast of Italy does not look like that!

our summer spot
I leave today.

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