Monday, July 4, 2011

How can this be?

I am working on a new piece in my series, MAPS. I have had this work, shown below, on my design wall for about one week as I think of how to proceed.

The base fabric is yellow which I dyed myself. It was dyed with a natural dye of skin of pomegranate and tumeric.

the yellow is a little stronger than in this photograph

I painted the yellow fabric using a colour I created myself with the Colour Vie paint system. I stamped it using repurposed plastic to create a pattern.

so far I am very pleased with it

Then I took a walk downtown and saw this!!!!!

paper used as lining in the store window at Chanel in Toronto

How can it look so similar to what I am doing? Isn't there anything original anymore?

I will still continue on my path with this piece but how discouraging!

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