Thursday, July 21, 2011

Making Sense

I have been asked by the 18th Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork to curate a show of textile, contemporary and traditional, that would demonstrate what is going on in textile in Canada at this time.

Judith Tinkl is one of the artists that has agreed to be part of the exhibit in France for September 2012. Her work was part of the exhibit, Making Sense, (900 Bay Street, Toronto, closes July 22). I went to see it today.

"Thanks to Mr Ammann" work by Judith Tinkl
There was a daycare group that was in the gallery while I was there. The teacher said, "Oh look. There is a blanket on the wall," and Megan, who looked about 4, corrected her and said, "It's a quilt."

I heard this little Megan say at the end of the visit that the quilt was her favorite.

Piece by Piece by Judith Tinkl, masonite

There is my foot to give the piece some scale
Both pieces are for sale.

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