Monday, June 1, 2015

Calabria Invitation

My work, Collision with Melancholia (radiation series), was invited to be exhibited in the show La Pui Bella in Rossano, Calabria, Italy, in July.

My piece (right) at the Art Gallery UniCredit
during Verona Tessile

I plan to be there for part of the run. I have been to several shows there over the years. It was a great pleasure teaching at their week-long quilt retreats in the past.

Great fun! Such good food and so well organized! The hospitality is unbeatable!

Fabulous technique!
The author had all her samples in large cellophane envelopes
so we could pick them up and turn them around to examine.

Maria Rosaria Nola, master quilter from Calabria, organizes the event along with her quilt collegues. She has written her first book.

Maria Rosaria Nola (right) was promoting her book
at Verona Tessile. The piece
on the front cover was awarded
1st prize traditional
 at the Verona Tessile
International Juried Show in 2011

It is on appliqué and is very well written.

She explains so many different techniques and because the photos are so well done one can even understand the steps without knowing how to read italian.

Congratulations Maria Rosaria!