Sunday, June 14, 2015

In the Zone

This Sunday a radius area of about 1000 metres from the Arsenale had to be evacuated.

I saw these posters up everywhere but never bothered
to read them... I though it was
advertisement for an art show!LOL

It wasn't an emergency. It was a planned evacuation.

picnic blanket -perfect summer accessory! I made it this morning.

A bomb from WW2 was discovered and had to be disarmed.

I never get tired of Kaffe Fassett fabric

I live in the demarcated zone. I decided to go to the Ad Maiora studio and sew for 3 hours.

I miss sewing...when I sew I am 'in the zone'. If you sew you know what I mean.

I made some triangles
Yes, I still use Thangles!
They give me an accurate HST without
measuring and I use up my pre-cut strips.

The city had an erie feeling- no one on the roads, all shops closed, no cars, lots of police presence and a loud speaker reminding people of the hours of evacuation.

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