Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Circle

The circle is a powerful symbol. It is a symbol that is found in all cultures.

It means wholeness.

It represents infinity.

The Native American Indians see it is a symbol of equality, where no one person is more important than the other. Circle meetings ensure that all people are allowed to speak and every word and idea is respected. (I have a round kitchen table for that reason)

It is seen as a protective symbol.

It is a symbol of completion.

It is used as a sun symbol.

Sunset from my terrace

Funny how almost everything I have bought from the Pakistani who sell wares on our beach all have circles!

I love being here.

The view from the road as I walk down to the beach


  1. Lovely textiles for your collection. Me too re: circles.

    1. The cotton is so thin and I am using these pareo as towels on the beach so I am afraid they will not last and become part of my collection. No matter. I am enjoying them while they last. Thanks for commenting, Judy!