Thursday, August 28, 2014

Missing You

I can't really say I "miss" stuff when I am here in the south of Italy.

August 25 photo diary project

But I have noticed I miss making quilts. I miss my fabric.

My friend sent me an email with a picture of her workspace. Nothing set up -just a picture of what the space looked like. She and I sew together sometimes. I really loved that she sent me that.

Gail's quilt

Author Margaret Atwood described quilts as flags (taken from Judy's Journal)

Reading Amy Friend's blog this morning, I see that comparison again. I love that thought! Thinking of the motion of a flag when one is under a quilt. Moving, alive, being blown by the wind. It's beautiful. I miss my quilts.

I leave the beach on Monday..

... and head north to Verona where I will be confirming the itinerary for next year's group trip (May 15 to 24). I will be sewing at the Ad Maiora studio for sure.

Happy sewing!

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