Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I am still in the south of Italy enjoying...well everything- the weather, the Tyrrhenian Sea, the fresh fish, my friends, the amazing view from my terrace, the breeze at night so I can sleep, my son who is visiting and who has been away at school in Europe all year, speaking the Italian is good!

My friend gave me a gift, something he painted for me.

It is painted on glass.

All this art work needed was a few strokes to convey the message. Nothing more. Simplicity.

He made it for me because he knows my star story. I saw my first shooting star a few years ago from the terrace where he lives. I made a wish. The following summer standing on the same terrace I told someone I saw my first shooting star "right there" and as I pointed to the spot I saw another one in the exact same place! I made the same wish.

This is the week of shooting stars. The week of San Lorenzo. I saw one last night from my terrace.

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