Sunday, August 3, 2014


Lelo is my new friend. He has been dropping off 'genuine' produce for me to enjoy! Some items come from his own garden, like plums and lemons and tomatoes. He's even given me some of his amazing home-made jams; peach and apricot and some made from a South American fruit called feijoa which he has growing in his garden. He's also given me two small bottles of his famous home-made liqueur; one Wild Fennel and the other Nespolino (scroll down to alcoholic beverages). I store those in the freezer. Some local items he buys for me at the market in another town. The ricotta he gets from his farmer friend- can you imagine fresh warm ricotta made from the milk of the farmer's 2 goats?

One morning as I was walking my his home, he invited me in to see his garden.

Flower from Lelo's garden.
Photo part of my "bellezza di ogni giorno" project

Lina, his wife, whom I have known for a few years, wants me to send her my apple pie recipe! I'll have to send her some aluminum pie plates as well as they do not have them here!

What a nice couple. I am so lucky to have great friends.

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