Sunday, June 29, 2014

Paper Making

What a fun workshop! I took a two-day paper making workshop at Paper House Studio.

sculptural paper made by one of the teachers

Great teacher. (thanks Flora)

ME making paper

I made about 50 sheets of paper using different pulps and adding threads and fabric inside some sheets.

my paper back lit

I signed up for a book binding workshop in September at CBBAG and I hope to be able to use my wonderful hand-made paper.

paper marked with "tear drops"

two layers of paper with a piece of hand dyed fabric inside.
It looks very different when it is dried.

I'll explore with stitching when I get back. Some of the sheets are very thick and I am sure they can take it.

the press used for the last stage of drying

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  1. This paper should continue your practice that seems on the edge of quilting-paper sewing - whatever it is you do.....xx