Friday, June 20, 2014

I Gave Away a Quilt

A few years ago a company in Verona, Italy, asked me to write a quilt book. It was going to be part of their How-To series but with the economic crisis in their country they ended up cutting that entire series and so my book didn't get published.

the back of the quilt with the label visible.
I did write it. I made all the samples. I had friends make the quilts as they checked the instructions.

approximately 65" x 125"

I had two friends who are photographers take pictures for the book.

One of the photographers has finished university and is leaving Toronto. I wanted to thank her in a  special way for her time and talent. I offered her one of the quilts.

She chose the one she liked best, which incidentally is not one of the ones for the book.

To make it I cut 5 inch squares and sashing of 2.5 inches wide. I made one of the squares in Verona, a shibori circle.

Shibori circle with butterfly quilt lines done on
a long arm machine by Judy Davidson.

I am going to have the book published. Just need to shop it around, I guess. A lot harder than being invited to write it.

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