Friday, January 31, 2014

A Thought

Once in a while I wonder if it is worth blogging.

Is there anyone out there??

I check my stats regularly and there are hundreds of views worldwide per week so someone out there is enjoying my photos and my thoughts.

Someone out there is being inspired.

Once in a while I get a comment that encourages me to continue, like Martha's which she just posted even though it was a past post. Thanks Martha!!

I do too much talking to the walls as a mom so it's nice to know someone is listening on-line.

Keep commenting!

(my photos from the airplane flying over South Africa, October 2013)


  1. Hi Sandra
    I'm terrible for posting comments on blogs, but just thought I'd let you know I read and enjoy your blog.

  2. I often wonder about blogging too, Sandra.
    I continue for two reasons. The first one is just that it is a journal - it's a way to record new work, the thoughts that go with it - and be able to find it again a year from now when we might need some information.
    the other reason is the connection I do feel. I've stopped telling people to read my blog - I love it when they discover it on their own.

    You are keeping a good blog and I am sure that many people read it. It's hard for some to comment if they do not have websites or blogs of their own.

    Good luck with Kawartha quilt guild - xx