Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Galleries in the Dark

I toured some of the galleries at the AGO with my art class on a day when the museum is closed to the public. It was the oddest thing walking through the spaces in the dark with no one around but the few students from the Abstract Art class.

I was reminded of my favourite textile artist and friend, Judith Martin, when I my teacher spoke of the work by Canadian painter, Emily Carr.

Trees and Sky by Emily Carr

Judy has a piece that was inspired by Emily Carr's trees and weeping sky.

Emily Carr Visited Me (2005) by Judith Martin

It is heavily stitched, as many of Judy's works are.

The thing I like the best about Judy's piece is the movement in the sky. I get a shiver every time I see it. I feel a cold wind.

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  1. Ah, Sandra.
    Thank you for posting about my work.
    It is so nice to be a friend of yours.