Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Do Something Warming on a Cold Day

Maybe you have heard on the news about the freezing temperatures Canada is experiencing lately. Today in Toronto the wind is so cold I can barely stand it.

I changed the day's itinerary and have decided to stay in my studio and make some Bear Paw blocks. I started these blocks maybe a year ago. I store the blocks in a shoe box with notes so that when I return to it I remember the measurements I am using and whether the seams need to lay a certain way.

It's interesting to note the colour/fabric choices I make today. They are different from the blocks already made.

I use mainly darker fabrics from my stash. I love the plaids in this.

I have also added some unexpected fabrics, like the lime green and some pinks, even a bright blue. They add a little interest and lift the look of the ensemble.

Sewing is a nice way of keeping me warm.

By the way, now is the time to prune your forsythia shrub and bring those branches inside. Place them in a vase of water and put them in a warm place. In about 10 days time you'll have lovely yellow blooms to warm your home.

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