Friday, September 20, 2013

Verona...again...and again

I am in Verona again.

I dropped in to see friends at the Associazione Ad Maiora.

Friends meet at the studio.

As always, there was lots of talking...

 and sharing....

and eating.

Home made, of course! Obviously made by a quilter!
Look at those strips! They're cut perfectly!

One of the neighbours brought some eggs to give.

I taught a class yesterday at the same studio.

Two students arrive early to set up. There were 6 students in all.
Today, a friend drove up to the studio and gave me a knitting class.

It is always a pleasure being here. The members of the association are incredible!


  1. You're right it did bring back beautiful memories. Thanks Sandra

  2. What a lovely space to work and teach in!