Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hawaiian Technique in Veneto

I participated in the Veneto Quilting Day. The day's theme was Hawaiian technique.

My sample for the course we took.

Silvia Cuccarolo gave a wonderful power point presentation on the topic. She fell in love with the technique while on her honeymoon in Hawaii.

Two of Silvia Cuccarolo's fine works.

The image below shows what she is working on at the moment. Just like in traditional Hawaiian quilts hers has much symbolism including her choice of fabrics. The grey is the colour of the ocean at night and the cream-coloured fabric is the colour of the moon reflected in the waters.

Silvia Cuccarolo's work in progress.

The orange turtle symbolizes her son. His choice of colour represents his choices in life...even though she did not agree with his colour choice she accepted it.

The turtles represent four women; her mom, grandmother and sister and herself.

The borders are lovely and also represent something...I forgot! (see the comment from the artist below. Thanks Silvia!)

Her dad and her husband are represented in the quilting of the Hawaiian masks.

Two hundred quilters were in attendance.

Listening carefully to the raffle numbers. The sponsors and the
 associations donated prizes- fabric, quilting supplies and even quilts!
The location was perfect.

View of the Villa grounds.

Quilters arrive at 10 a.m.
at the Villa Filippo Farsetti,
XVII-XVIII century

The halls of the Villa were decorated with quilted works.

The merchants' corner was out in the courtyard.
I met so many past students of mine. It was great fun! I talked and laughed all day.

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  1. Hi Sandra, I was so touched from your report of the Quilting Day! I want to tell what the border represent and means in my quilt: the flower you see is called Hawaiian Lily and it is a traditional motive in hawaiian quilts. I choosed it to represent my grandpa, as he was so elegant but humble, and he was able to cross the seas, coming back from a long prisony during Second World War, to marry his beloved girlfriend, my granny. I did really love both of them, and I'm glad to honour their memory in my quilt and to keep them closed to me.

    Many thanks for your post, I'm happy my enthusiasm reached you!