Monday, September 16, 2013

Quilting Day Lombardia

Last weekend, I participated in my first ever Quilting Day-which may sound odd seeing as I have been quilting for almost 25 years.

Clusone, Italy

Regions in Italy host these events which consist of taking classes,

having a nice lunch,

prizes and gift exchanges,

and sewing a community quilt together. Really fun! This time the organizers offered a tour of their town -added bonus.

View of Clusone from the Palazzo Fogaccia

This time Lombardia province hosted and the day took place in the town of Clusone. It was great to see old friends from the hosting area. There were about 65 people attending.

Registering for the day's events.
Clusone is 650m above sea level. The town is lovely and has gorgeous views.

The "local" prince offered his castle for the event.

Inside Palazzo Fogaccia built from 1693-1709

There were textile works in every room and out in the gardens.

textile art by Luca Zaglioni
hangs in front of the fireplace.
My piece from the Città Invisible exhibit
lay in front of a fresco.
Community quilt-works made at previous events hang in the garden
of Palazzo Fogaccia

The prince had lunch with us.

Walking around the grounds after lunch.
Pretty amazing day!

I will be going to the Veneto Quilting Day on Sunday, September 22, in Santa Maria di Sala. Looking forward to it!

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  1. What an exciting life! I loved your "Quilting Day Lombardia" blog. What a great idea those quilting days are. Continue enjoying what you do and I wish you more and more joy in your present career.