Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paul Schutte

While in the Val D'Argent area of France for the textile forum, I had the pleasure of meeting artist Paul Schutte from South Africa.

Paul Schutte in front of his work entitled,
"Barren Mountainscape", 2011,
58 cm x 78 cm
He is full of energy! I love his accent!

Acid Mine Drainage, 2011,
56 cm x 77 cm

He often uses African fabrics in his textile work.

Acid Mine Drainage, detail.

He created a series of 12 panels introducing himself and his battle with prostate cancer. He was very brave to share his experience with others and did it in a very unique way. Some visitors who had themselves experienced cancer had tears in their eyes as they read his poetry that accompanied each panel.

poem #10, detail 
 poem #5

poem # 12

I was disappointed I was only able to dedicate 10 minutes to his exhibit! Shameful but it was either that or nothing. I am so glad I drove up to Romach-le-Franc even for that very short visit. 

Shown here are four of Prof. Paul Schutte's pieces in his environmental series.
He is the director of Communication Studies at
North-West University in Potchefstroom, South Africa.

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  1. Paul is a talented artist who produces amazing work! Thank you for sharing photos of his exhibition at the European Patchwork Meeting in Val d'Argent, France. The Kenya Quilt Guild salutes you, Paul!!