Friday, September 28, 2012

Chung-im Kim, visit to a gallery

I just made it back to Canada in time to see Chung-im's exhibit in Toronto at David Kaye Gallery. It closes this Sunday, September 30.

She was one of the artists in the show Tradition in Transition.

Dawn, 2010
47" x45" x3"
industrial felt, silk screen, hand stitching

I chose this piece, entitled Dawn, because to me as curator it had its roots in patchwork. She sewed together by hand patches just like a 'patchwork' but instead of using quilter's cotton she used industrial felt.

The silk screen designs Ms. Kim printed over the felt brought to mind the stitches made in the act of quilting.

Her 3-dimensional work demonstrated tradition transitioned onto a very contemporary plain.

Her newer works are also very interesting.

boonyul 2012
34" x 34" x1 1/2"
She has started laser cutting the felt.

detail, boonyul
This one evokes a starry night .... Van Gogh's.

jaryu, 2012
51"x 24"x 2"
I love the way the silk screen lines
connect from patch to patch
Try to catch the show before it closes.

the invitation for Chung-im Kim's exhibit, Constructed Images

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