Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Teaching in Bologna

Spent a great weekend in San Lazzaro di Savena, just outside Bologna, at Cucilandia Bologna, http://www.cucilandiabologna.it/

arriving by train
 What an amazing store! The students were enthusiastic and many signed up for all four classes.

I love all the mess as we create!

Orietta made a cherry clafouti for us to share during break.
 I love her "pie transporter". She made it!!
Which is the pie and which is the bag?

at dinner with store owner, Adele Fideghelli, and store partner and
sewing machine mechanic, Fausto Bonfiglioli

I had a walking tour of Bologna guided by Erika and Silvia, both creative quilters and artists!

walking with Erika in front of the Seven Churches, which are seven churches
built during different periods side by side and joined together
to accomodate the growing congregation
talking into the wall -something kids love to do because
as you talk the people behind you facing the other corner about 10 feet away
can hear you PERFECTLY! What fun!!

driving past the beginning of the arches

part of the 666 arches, Portico di San Luca

view of Bologna from the sanctuary San Luca

Silvia's textile work- the one she is holding up is entitled
"sotto gli alberi"

The hospitality was amazing!-at the store and at Adele's home. Thanks for the fabric, Erika, for the gelato and the walk, Teresa, and to everyone, thanks for our lunches, dinners and our time together. Thanks to Adele and husband, Leonardo, for everything. They sent me back to Verona with great memories and a kilo of fresh cherries picked by the contadino next to their house, a huge chunk of Parmiggiano Reggiano and a balsamic vinegar from Modena that is 35 years old, thick as honey.

They have invited me to return and share with them more of my scrap quilt projects. I look forward to recieving photos of their finished quilts! Don't forget ladies!


  1. Hi Sandra!!
    How lovely is your reportage about Bologna and the experience of teaching at Cucilandia! I hope to see you soon and I will follow your blog so it's like keeping in touch with you! Scusa per gli errori in inglese...non sono brava come te in italiano! Hugs & kisses Caterina

  2. talking into the wall!! loved that too. great work mom!