Monday, May 9, 2011

latest teaching engagement

I am back in Italy. I just spent 4 days teaching in the north-west of the country. My friends picked me up in Bergamo where we walked around the city and had a wonderful lunch together.

Santa Maria Maggiore in Piazza Duomo, Bergamo
   Laura and Paola in Bergamo

We drove to Clusone, at 650 metres above sea level. Gorgeous views!

view at breakfast
view from the top of the hill in Clusone

 I love their streets.

The city also hosts a JAZZ FESTIVAL in July which was recently voted the 4th best in Italy! I left from Pisogne. The train choo-chooed all around the lake. So beautiful!

It is really wonderful sharing my love of textile and patchwork while discovering the country of Italy and making new friends.
a student's example of free motion quilting technique
students from one of the 7 classes I taught

Some will be driving to Parma and Bologna where I will be teaching in the next few weeks to see me and take some more classes. Two new friends are planning to drive the 1.5 hours to Verona at the end of the month to meet up with me.

I look forward to going back and teaching more classes at their store. The students were really great! They are looking forward to putting the tips and techniques they learned to work!

Laura and I in her back yard-love the mountains!

Thank you, Laura, for the opportunity, the laughs and the hospitality!!

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