Friday, May 27, 2011

Dijanne Cevaal

Dijanne is an Australian textile artist and my new friend.

Dijanne and I at Italia Invita in Parma
She was exhibiting at the Parma textile forum in May.

exhibition space for Dijanne Cevaal's works

detail of "All the Perfumes of Arabia"

detail of "Sentinals of the Earth" 

detail of Sentinals #1

you can view her work and read about her Sentinal series at
I served with her and two others as juror for the Herbarium national contest and learned so much from her comments.

All teachers were asked to participate in the FIRST and LAST exhibit. Embarrassing!!-but I agreed.

amazing that she could go from this to what she is doing now!
The exhibit was meant as an INSPIRATION
to all quilters and textile artists to keep going forward

It would not be fair if I did not put in MY first work (left) YIAKS!
entitled: "Sampler renamed Was'n Me!"
because I copied a pattern and the teacher chose my fabrics.
My last piece , Course Correction (right),
silk screen, paint, paper, thread, foil, netting, linen, cotton
At the moment, this piece is hanging at the wine event, Cantine Aperte,
at the Villa Monteleone in the Valpolicella.
I bought one of Dijanne's smaller pieces as a reminder of our time together. I'll bring it when I teach my free motion classes, seeing as I always show her book at the end of the class. She has just written another free motion idea book, published in french by Les Editions de Saxe, entitled "Le Pique-Libre - 72 nouveaux blocs". I have purchased it as another resource for my students.

We hope to be able to exhibit together in the near future. Thanks Dijanne for mentioning me on your blog!


  1. Thank you too for mentioning me and that first quilt :-) well it was a second quilt. Likewise I was delighted to meet you and hope we will do many things together!