Wednesday, May 25, 2011

picture catch-up

Just recapping and adding pictures of some of the things I did in the last few weeks...
Remember Parma?

people preparing the prosciutto bar for lunch during the textile forum
Students Giovanna and Valentina working with paper in my class,
"Using Paper in Textile Art"

Student Monica's work in progress

Student Adriana's work in progress

Patriza Girlanda demonstrates at the JUKI booth,
the main sponsor for the event.
Her works hang behind her.

While in Parma I stayed in the country-  in Torrechiara.
the view from the kitchen window, the castle Torrechiara in the distance
morning view out the guest bathroom window-
what a way to wake up!
Below are some of the entries from the national contest, Herbarium.

entry by Giuliana Nicoli
Pia Puonti's work, contemporary category
a 3-d "garden" with REAL live insect
that found its way inside the exhibit hall!
Erika and Marzie's cooperative work
 first time they attemped free motion quilting!

Teresa Gai's work, art quilt category

Work by Maria Luisa Comand
title: Made in Italy, 50% seta, 50% cotone
Best of Show Award

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