Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Preparing for a Talk

I am super excited to be the guest speaker at the Peaceful Nights Quilters Guild on Wednesday.

I've been preparing during the last few days, digging out art work and quilts from the cupboards.

It is nice to go through some of the things I haven't seen in a while. Many of my quilts are packed away. All of my art work is rolled up and sits on top of a cabinet.  I never see it.

So it's been a treat to enjoy those pieces.

I am glad to be sharing some of them with the members of the guild.

The theme of my presentation is Inspiration- where to find it and how to translate it.

My presentation is more like a lesson that a talk about me and my work, although the audience will learn about me and the way I work while I speak about the pieces. I want people to go back to their studios inspired and ready to create THEIR work, to have THEIR ideas brought out in textile, be it traditional or contemporary.

This is open to anyone. If you are interested, come along!

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  1. Sandra this Linda, did you get my email about joining the Knitting Retreat? Lindakarlinsky@gmail.com