Wednesday, January 22, 2020


I've been using found paper in my textile work for many years.  10 years...No....More...20 years.

I made an art piece in 2007 and the entire back was paper!

I have made my own paper adding thread between the pulp layers.

In medieval times, paper was made using rags.

To me, there is a connection between the paper and the textile.

I saw a wonderful exhibit at Artscape Youngplace recently- upstairs near the coffee shop.
(BTW, I am teaching at that Artscape location in February and March. Click here for details)

I love to see stitching in paper.

You need to know what you are sewing with paper because you can't undo it. You can't unpick it. It will leave a series of tiny holes in the paper!

Enjoy the images and image all that gorgeous paper and thread hanging above your head. Dreamy.

(Art work, The Sky is Falling, 2020, by visual artist, Jessica Hiemsha)

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