Saturday, December 6, 2014

Last Few Classes before the Holidays

My Fall teaching calendar is coming to a close.

fabric scraps to use during the free motion class

Last weekend I taught a free motion technique class.

Student at work making her collage

I just felt so good after the class. The students were successful and all enjoyed their day. I did a good job!

This student decided to make her collage, cover it with a piece of fabric
then sew over all of it.
 She cut away sections of the top fabric to reveal
some of the brighter fabrics underneath.

 I love sharing my ideas. I know the students will be applying the techniques they learned when creating their own quilts, art projects, crafts and even felt work!

Using the darning foot to create curved designs.

I have two more classes left to teach before the holidays. There are still places for the paper piecing class. 

I bought a small envelope like these (above) many years ago made by
Toronto artist, Carolyn Flood.
I altered her design slightly and use them in my Free Motion class
so the students can practice the techniques they learn
 in the first half of the class.

My last CQ (Club Quilt on Thursday mornings) is this week also open if you want to come and sew whatever you are working on for a few hours.

I am preparing my Winter teaching schedule so check here  later.

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