Monday, December 8, 2014


I am making a few zippered pouches to give away as gifts.

I am using selvage edges to create a piece of fabric. Then I will sew up a zippered bag using that created fabric.

Start in the bottom right corner
of a piece of batting and
cover the batting diagonally with selvage strips.
The frayed edge of the strip gets covered up
with the selvage of the
strip that overlaps.
I sew along the selvage edge
catching the 2 strips.

In the past I have been collecting the selvage strips and sending them to a friend in New Brunswick. Click here to see her blog. She does all her quilts with selvage strips. I love her stuff!

I decided to try it myself and I love doing it! So fun. I now keep an open box near my cutting table where I can cut away the selvage of whatever fabric I am working with and save it for future projects. I also ask my students to contribute theirs!

The whole concept goes with my philosophy of using everything and reducing the garbage I produce.

It looks great!

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  1. Oh oh me me please. Would love this Christmas gift to ur stylist.