Monday, December 22, 2014

Artists' Dinner

Last week I hosted an artists' dinner where art makers came together to exchange thoughts about their work, their process, their troubles, their goals, their stories.

Almond Caramel Meringue Roulade with caramel sauce

I think it was a success in that people went away with ideas and ways they can make their practice better. That was my goal.

(BTW, the Contemporary Textile Studio Co-op in Toronto started hosting these Salon-Soirees so artists can enhance their practises and meet with other creative people to broaden their horizons. I am always on the cutting edge of trends!!)

bread right out of the oven

We were a small group of 5, a textile artist, a painter, a paper maker and a photographer and me.

apple phyllo pie

As I was preparing for the dinner, I recognized my food is my art. I love marrying flavours and textures and presenting the food in an artistic way, either by being conscience of the colour combinations or the textures or even the shapes.

berry cheese cake and mango-lime pie

This evening I hosted another dinner. I prepared with joy everything we eat together.

(Pictures posted from past food file...wanted to post recent food pictures but forgot to take them and everything got eaten up!)


  1. What a great idea... I belong to a small group that meets monthly at a café, but a dinner would be lovely....

  2. Do you know about the famous soirees hosted by Gertrude Stein? Those must have been inspirational evenings. Keep meeting with your art friends. It's good!

  3. You're making me terribly hungry! All looks so beautiful.