Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Last Saturday, while the family went to the market for Mother's Day dinner ingredients, I was dropped off on Queen Street and had a lovely hour walk stopping in at the amazing art galleries all along that trendy street.

David Kaye Gallery was one of my stops.

Coming from a textile background himself (weaving) he selects interesting textile artwork for his space. He does feature other art mediums. I stop in there regularly.

This piece caught my eye.

detail, Icarus No.11
mixed media on aluminum
by Donald Andrus

It reminded me of stitching, of making marks with thread and a needle. I liked the juxtaposition of the hard material imitating a soft technique. The artist used cold aluminum while the activity of stitching into textile is soft and comfortable. That's my opinion. That's what I got out of the artist's work. It is valid. I am the viewer. It is, however, nothing like what the artist wrote about his own work. To read that click here.

Icarus No. 11
 by Donald Andrus
mixed media on aluminum
(not a great photo, sorry!The art work looks better LIVE))

I was told that artist Donald Andrus does not stitch as part of his practice.

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  1. Interesting post, Sandra. Yes, Andras' work does look like stitching I went to read his statement, and he did say that he likes that people are caught by the pattern in his work. And the repetition.

    What did you think of Sandra Brownlee's solo exhibition? I'd be interested.
    I loved that you said that your opinion is valid because you are the viewer.
    Yay , sandra.