Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sandra Brownlee was in Town

Sandra Brownlee was recently in Toronto giving a workshop and also had her work exhibited at the David Kaye Gallery. The exhibit is on until May 25. Don't miss it! This is the last weekend.

"I am becoming"
2005, work by Sandra Brownlee
hemp cloth, fabric strips, sewing thread, stitching

I loved the journal of hers that was on display. I was able to flip through it thanks to the gloves provided. I keep a journal when I travel. I write poems. I sketch. I keep a page at the back entitled "Strange but True" where I jot down funny things I see. Hers has inspired me to continue. I can not keep a journal at home as I find my life too FULL FULL FULL and just can't stop and let my mind clear so that I can see my "other" thoughts.

Page from Sandra Brownlee's journal.
I like that she added photographed images.
I like that she is standing behind her art
 and the cloth is almost hugging her shape "becoming" her.

Her piece "I am becoming", 2005, was my favourite. The fabric being so sheer, so nothing and she is "becoming" through the words she stitches.

detail, I am becoming
by Sandra Brownlee

There is an article about her and her work and her latest recognition- The 2014 Saidye Bronfman Award in Studio Magazine, available at David Kaye Gallery or at the OC offices/gallery on Queen Street.

I was too late to sign up for her workshop...he who hesitates is lost. It was full by the time I decided. But I heard all about it from two of the participants, Judith Martin and Margi Hennen.

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