Thursday, May 15, 2014

Being Together

I need to be around artists, I've decided.

In fact, about 5 years ago I made a list of Toronto artists and was planning to start a dinner group with these creators of different kinds- a photographer, a painter or two, a mixed-media artist, a filmmaker, a writer...

Encaustic painter Kevin Ghiglione at work

The idea was to meet with these friends once a month for a pot luck dinner and discuss our direction, our new projects, our frustrations with our work. It was to be inspirational to all which is why I wanted to include artists working in different mediums and not necessarily visual artists and definitely artists at different stages of their art paths.

detail: The Backward Stars
by Cass Reimer
mixed media on tyvek

That idea got pushed aside because I had too much on my plate at the time. It came up again when I took a course 2 years ago with artist Iris Häussler . She mentioned she meets with art friends regularly.

Artwork by Cybèle Young,
 a present to me from years ago.
2 .5 " x 3.25 "
Leaf with Strainer, 1999

Having Judy Martin for dinner last week, while she was in town for her workshop with Sandra Brownlee, confirmed that I want to be around others who create. For artists working alone it is important. I suppose those sharing a studio regularly experience a type of exchange. Those working alone learn to figure things out themselves.

Painting by Toronto artist,  Kim Rodenkirchen

I am preparing to go away (Italy, of course) so when I get back in late September that will be first thing on the list.

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  1. Are you thinking of a salon such as that hosted by Gertrude Stein?
    She didn't cook like you do, I'm sure.