Saturday, July 7, 2012

Outdoor Art Show

Every year, Toronto exhibits a showcase of contemporary fine arts and crafts in an outdoor setting, the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit. It is the largest juried outdoor show of its kind in Canada, recognizing excellence across all media. Nathan Phillips Square is covered with white tents and local artists! It's like going to a hundred galleries that are all in the same place. (last year's TOAE)

Amanda McCavour was there again this year with her latest installation. As you may remember she is one of the artists participating in Tradition in Transition.

Yesterday, I went to see it.

Amanda putting the last touches on her installation-
being in front of it, LIVE, was a wonderful feeling,
not able to be captured in a photo!
On the very hot day it was refreshing to see the 'meadow' of wild flowers blowing in the breeze! It really made you feel cool...for a second!

In August, she is off to the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, USA, to do a Masters degree. I will miss seeing her creations LIVE.

note: at the end of the exhibit Amanda received an "honourable mention" in fibre.

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