Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Art Show Visit

On the weekend I attended the opening of Sybil Rampen's 40 year retrospective, "Epoch of Stolen Moments".

I love what she said-yes, stolen moments of tranquility and calmness
 in a day of many responsibilities

Spirit House, with Marion Spanjerdt, 1976

Woodworm I and II, 2009, seen on the outsides
Burnt paper is incorporated with the fabric

detail, Please Write, 1999
wild cucumber filigree

My two favorites of Sybil's.
Top: Pico Volcano, 2010
Bottom: Red Cows, 2004
 It reminds me of a Frederick Verner painting
There is tissue paper in the felted background

Exhibiting alongside Sybil was high school student, Tsochoy Go. I met him two years ago at his school when I worked with his class on a community quilt. His exhibit is entitled "A Messenger from Outer Space". His drawings are amazing!

artist, Tsochoy Go stands proudly beside his work
I had a few favorites of his. Here is one below.

Rhythm Angel
It glows.
When you stand in front of it, the wings seem to beat

He gave me one of his drawings two years ago. Lucky me.

His class mate, Ron, performed during the exhibit.

Background art work by Meredith Horne

The exhibits run till August 12, 2012, at the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre in Oakville.

The back property at the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre

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