Friday, October 14, 2011

Printing and Stitching

Dorothy Caldwell is a very well known textile artist.

She was born in the USA but lives in Ontario, Canada.

Silent Fog and Following the Sound of Birds

I went to see her show today at David Kaye Gallery in downtown Toronto.

In Place: new landscapes

Cotton printing and stitching.

1092 Queen Street West, entrance on Dovercourt

She received a Canada Council grant and travelled to Australia and the Canadian Arctic for inspiration
for this series

Resting Place

Following the Sound of Birds

Wet Lake/Dry Lake

My pictures do not do any of her work justice. There is so much detail my camera does not pick up.

detail, Wandering Times
I love her stitching.

detail. Wandering Times

The show is on till October 30. Go see it if you can.


  1. Wow, thank you for posting these photos.
    I doubt that I will get to Toronto to see the show, so it is wonderful to have a peek.