Monday, October 10, 2011

How Many Have I Made?

I was wondering how many quilts and textile art pieces I have made over the 20 years I have been sewing.

When I started doing textile art, a friend (installation artist and prof at OCAD) suggested I get all my work professionally photographed. I thought that was much too extravagant. My work photographed? I am sorry I did not take her advice. I wish I had them all photographed and documented.

Some are sold and are out of the country.

Some have been given away as gifts. One was given to somebody and before the recipient could send me a photograph, his house caught fire and burnt to the ground. The hand-appliqued, original wall hanging went with it.

Some are here in my home.

Not all of them have titles.

I don't have the measurements for all of them.

I don't even remember when some of them were made.

This is my very first "art quilt" I ever made.

Running in the Rain, 2005
19"x45", 48cm x115cm
commercial cottons, organza, assorted fabrics

I got the idea while sitting in the car. It was pouring rain that afternoon. Through the water dripping on the windshield I could see my son's soccer team running. The colours were fractured as they ran.

I like the irregular edges.

I like the dense quilting.

I like the chunks of colour.

I like remembering that day.

detail, Running in the Rain

It will be exhibited in Vicenza, Italy, during their 4-day Fiera in October.

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