Saturday, June 4, 2011

next year's Verona Tessile event

I am setting up activities for next year's Verona Tessile trip, March 6 to 11. I plan to bring another group for 10 days to Verona. Anyone interested should email me so I can keep them up to date on the itinerary, costs and the like.

Ponte di Castelvecchio, also called Ponte Scaligero,
in the beautiful city of Verona

The pre-requisites for the trip are: open-minded, independant travellers, people who quilt or create textile art, people in good shape for walking.

Last week, I went not-too-far out of town and saw an amazing place, Hotel Delser, that I am considering renting for 2 nights for the group. It will officially open this summer.

It is an old sistern renovated into a beautiful hotel with amazing views and expansive spaces. The structure has been preserved and the vaulted ceilings everywhere are impressive as are the roman stone pieces decorating the open spaces. The owner, Alberto Delser, has an attention to detail I can appreciate; the doors are made of repurposed antique wood, the lights go on in the hallways without a switch, the circular cut-outs in the ceiling of the rooms and the library let in the natural light, even the door hinges that were lazer cut from a hand-drawn image and hammered for an antique look add a special touch.

It was all so romantic that I forgot to ask all the important things, like how much a room costs!

We went up the hill for lunch -an amazing view of the Valpolicella.

no camera that day, only a friend's iphone

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