Wednesday, June 22, 2011

International Textile Contest

I urge you all, whatever level you are at, to enter the 2012 Verona Tessile's international contest! (contest guidelines are in english and italian on their site).

This is my piece from the 2011 'The Silk Roads Meet in Verona' International Contest.

title: "From Orient to Adige", 80 cm x 80 cm
silk, discharge dyed cotton, paper, machine and hand stitching
photograph by Heidi Leverty

I used silk the colours of spices. The bands on the side symbolize the tents the traders set up while travelling. The blue paper strips are the rivers they came upon as they travelled along the Silk Road. I love they way they reflect the light. The horizontal bands of blue silk are the oceans.

As in all my work, the fabrics I used were repurposed; a blue bridesmaid dress, some magazine paper, bits of silk curtains, and very old black cotton used for discharge dying.

The images below are from last year's contest. All works measure approximately 80cm x 80cm

Arcobaleno di Seta, by Teresa Abbate from Verona, Italy

Ascent by Phillipa Lach from Wyoming, USA 

Ceci ne sera pas un Papillon by Silvia Dell'Aere from Dresano, Italy

I Remember You by Els van Baarle from CGDreischor, Holland

Passaggi by Paola Pavan, from Padova, Italy 
To view more of last years' entries and other exhibits during Verona Tessile 2011, click here.

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