Tuesday, June 21, 2011

birthday cake and presents

I had so much fun celebrating my birthday last weekend. I would like to share some of the textile-related highlights.

The cake:

custom made by Madeleine's, Cherry Pie and Ice Cream

icing inspiration is one of my art works!
Great idea kids!!
Made with fondant.

detail of Bougainvilla di Rossano, the art work used as icing inspiration-
 view the entire piece here 

inside of the delicious cake...good inspiration for a quilt?...circles and stripes?

The gifts:

a gift...paper in the box could be an inspiration for a quilt design...
the colour and the pattern and the circle

another gift. The kids had several of my textile art pieces printed
to make blank notecards.
The titles are on the back. Nice!
To view my other art works click on my website.

Everyone should be spoiled once in a while. Feels good!


  1. That cake looks amazing! I'm so impressed. It was such a great idea!! Printing your work, also such a wonderful idea. Happy birthday, Sandra!!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time! Hope you have a happy and creative year ahead.