Monday, June 20, 2016

Inspiration Everywhere

A week ago, while waiting for my daughter to meet me in Rome, I took a walk near our boutique hotel.

I found a cool and tranquil haven at the Villa Aldobrandini, away from the bustle of via Nazionale.

View from the top of the garden on the villa property

The villa was constructed around the 1600's, I think...I photographed the sign so I could read it again later but without my glasses I ended up cutting off quite a bit in the photo and some information was lost!

I wonder if these "rock carpets" are original.

I love the design.

I imagine the creator looking around for just the right stone, like I do with my fabric when creating a quilt.

I imagine the care someone took in placing each stone in just the right place, like I do with my fabric when I make a scrap quilt.

Inspiration is everywhere.

Be sensitive to your surroundings and let them inspire you.

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